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VAU is undergoing heavy reconstruction! Please excuse our dust. Yes, I'm aware that the dropdown menu isn't displaying correctly for opera, firefox and netscape users... I'm working on the fix, but it's turning out to be more difficult than I'd anticipated. For now, please use to navigate, if you cannot use the menu on the left side of the page. Thanks!

Welcome to Vampires Among Us© (Now in our 10th Year!)! The site you are about to enter presents information, news, reviews, art, literature, interaction, entertainment and more pertaining to the vampire genre relating to the aspects of fiction, roleplay, folklore, history and real life. It is the ever-expanding 70+ page culmination of a lifetime of research and experience combined with the diverse, entertaining and thought-provoking input of others.

Since 1996, VAU has served as an on-line haven to help and unite like-minded souls of the vampire/vampyre/gothic/pagan/alternative/etc communities, as well as to educate and entertain every visitor in general. Many travelers on this vast "info superhighway" have passed through these virtual halls in an effort to find help, consolation, knowledge, conversation, amusement and a host of other things, within an open-minded, diverse and tolerant environment which welcomes all, ostracizes none, and promotes an appreciation for that balance of light and darkness known otherwise as life. It is therefore my request that, upon entering VAU, you yourself also maintain an open and tolerant mind and attitude, even if you have your own opinions and don't necessarily agree with what's being said.

Finally, this site contains no hateful, vulgar, or pornographic material and never will link to or support any sites which do. However, due to some controversial subject matter, VAU is intended for a mature and objective audience. Therefore, use this site at your own discretion.

In the end, VAU is an effort to reflect the equally beautiful and terrifying vampire mystique, which may just as well mirror the dark/light duality of our own natures. But, whatever reasons bring you amongst the vampires...may you find what you are searching for here...

Thanks for coming and enjoy your visit! To continue, please make a selection from the list to the left. Go ahead, I won't bite...yet...

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