Psychic Vampires

"People are more than food to us.  They are the texture of our lives."
- Blood Rites, Elaine Bergstrom

Psychic vampires, energy vampires, psionic vampires...all synonymous names for a surprisingly common, physically mortal being who has a craving for and thrives off of the prana (psychic energy) of living things and/or the energy of the universe.  Whether you are a psychic vampire yourself, believe you have been or are being attacked by one, or are merely curious...this is the page in which you will find information and a definition regarding psy-vampirism along with help for protecting yourself from attacks, manipulating and sensing prana, and a host of other related topics.  Again I should mention that I don't claim to know it all, and religious-theory based rituals contained within thie page are merely included as basic methods available...Truth, after all, has many different interpretations. So bearing that in mind, please realize that this page it simply a collection of tips, advice and information from personal and collective experience (by no means extensive, either).  It's not the gospel don't have to believe it, agree with it or accept it...just read and see what makes sense to you or not, as you see fit, and I hope it sheds some insight and guidance at the very least. 
I know, I know...get on with it, you're saying.   My, my aren't we impatient...I'm gettin', I'm gettin'....sheesh.

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How psychic vampirism works | Effects of Psychic Vampirism | How to Protect yourself and recover from psy-vamp attacks | How to Perceive energy | How to Manipulate energy | How to Balance Energy | Other Tips, Advice and suggestions for psy-vamps | Great Places to visit for Energy Purposes | Further reading  | Places to Buy stuff



Part I: How Psychic Vampirism Works

Part II:  Effects of psychic vampirism

    Victims of psychic vampire attacks will suffer different results, ranging in severity.  Generally, the victim will feel unusually tired after being around a certain person for some time or following an uncommonly vivid dream (this may be the effect of a psychic vampire attacking you while asleep), or having an intense and/or traumatic interaction with someone.  You might feel minor headaches to severe migraines...minor stomach upsets to severe abdominal cramping....light heartburn to suffering a stroke....minor fatigue to paralyzing immobility.   To those able to see auras, an attack victim's aura is often covered in black splotches sometimes accompanied by black protruding "tentacles" which flow from the victim directly to the psychic vampire.  These tentacles are only viewable when the psychic vampire is feeding generally at close distances, however; it should be noted that some exceptionally strong psy-vamps can maintain the link to their victims over great distances and continue to drain, and drain, and drain....
Usually the effect of psychic draining  is recoverable with plenty of rest and proper nutrition, and only lasts for a short period of time.  However, if you are in constant contact with a psychic vampire, the effects of psychic draining may become drawn out and increasingly severe, sometimes even resulting in death.
While chances are higher that you will be killed in an airplane crash than suffer to any great extent at the hands of a psychic vampire, people are effected by psychic vampires more commonly than might be expected.  Some psychic vampires are aware of what they are doing, but more often than not, the vampire does not even know he/she is draining a victim.  And the horrible thing is, it's sort of a domino effect...the weaker a person is in energy, the less defense the person has from psychic attacks, and therefore the more attractive and easy prey the person becomes to a psy-vamp on the prowl.  In essence, it's like spilled blood to a shark...the wounded are first to be attacked.
Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to protect yourself from becoming a psychic vampire's next walking buffet table.   More on that in Part III: how to protect yourself and recover from psy-vamp attacks

Part III:  How to Protect yourself and recover from psy-vamp attacks

The following are some suggestions on how to protect yourself from vampire attacks and/or recover from them.

Part IV:  How to Perceive Energy

The following are some common, basic starting points on how to perceive, hone in and recognize the existence of pranic enery.  And not all people learn the same, so if one method doesn't work for you...don't give up...try another.   And be sure to give this some time, any skill, practise makes perfect...

Part V:  How to Manipulate Energy

If you are a psychic vampire, or you for some reason feel the need to learn how to manipulate energy, here are some methods on how to cultivate the skills to do so.  Some are extensions on methods under  Part III: How to perceive Energy.  I am presenting these methods merely for completeness.  Please note that I do not advocate the notion of forced psychic feeding on a large scale...please consider balancing your energy so as not to harm others.   See "Part VI: how to balance energy " for helpful tips.

Part VI: How to Balance Energy

Whether you're a psychic vampire or not, it is vital that you stableize and balance your energy once in awhile.  Here are some helpful methods on how to do so.  Afterwards, if you don't feel more awake, active and generally energized we'll refund 100% of your money...and even give you back the shipping and handling.  :)

Part VII: Other Tips, advice and suggestions for psy-vampires

Part VIII: Great places to visit for energy purposes

Part IX: Further Reading



Part X: Places To Buy Stuff


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