"Therefore with the same necessity with which the stone falls to the earth, the hungry wolf buries its fangs in the flesh of its prey without the possibility of the knowledge that it itself is the destroyed as well as the destroyer." 
- Shopenhauer
This page is dedicated to and provided for real vampires (by which I mean psychic and blood vampires [sanguivores], as well as those who would like to know more about them. The Real Vampire exchange is not about vampires you'd hear of on television or in novels or on the big screen. So please, leave your stereotypes at the door and enter with an open mind (even if you don't accept the things you are about to read). 

Bloodletting safety tips, methods and information

Whether you are a blood vampire or a blood fetishist or merely interested in experimentation with bloodplay, read these methods, safety tips and other information.

Psychic Vampirism

All you could ever want to know about psychic vampirism.  Includes general explanations and info, how to tell if you're being attacked by a psy-vamp and how to protect yourself.   Also includes tips for energy manipulation and control for psychic vampires or those interested, and links to other resources.

Vampire Characteristics/Misconceptions

So what exactly makes a real, living vampire? (And what doesn't make a vampire?). Read and learn here

Vampire Creation theories/origens

Wondering where vampires come from? Here are some popular theories and thoughts on the matter

Terminology of the Vampire and Vampyre Communities

Here is a list of common terms relating to the real vampire and vampyre communities, respectively

Vampire Confessions

Stories, confessions, and thoughts of real vampires.


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