Vampire/Vampyre Community Terminology
"Solving the puzzle of vampirism requires that we see all the pieces and recognize them for what they are."
- Vampires: the Occult Truth, Konstantinos
The following are various terms and definitions in common use amongst the vampire and vampyre communities. Please be aware that the term "vampire" refers in this case to real, physically mortal vampires (psychic and blood)and the term "vampyre" refers to social vampirism (ie: those who mimic the lifestyle of ficitional vampires). Please also be aware that these terms are not set in concrete and are just what they are...terms. We live in a society that communicates using language...thus we must have words to help us grasp concepts. However, as Shakespeare would remind us...a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Likewise, a vampire (were it called by any other term) would still be a vampire. In otherwords, real vampires and vampyres refer to themselves as such, just because this is the most comprehensive term for their nature. No more, no less. Please leave your stereotypes at the door. 

Common Terminology

Vampire: Term referring to either fictional vampires, folkloric vampires or modern "real" vampires (energy and blood).
Vampyre: (also "social vampires", "sanguines", or "vampire lifestylers")Term referring to human beings who live in the tradition of the fictional vampire. These people go to various different extremes, anywhere from merely dressing like a fictional vampire to sleeping in coffins, having night jobs, building "vampyric families", etc.
(Real) Psychic Vampire: (also "energy vampire")A physically mortal being who feels a general need to take energy from others in order to feel "fully alive".
(Real) Blood Vampires: (also "sanguivores")A physically mortal being who feels a general need to drink the blood of others in order to feel "fully alive".
Dhampyr: Those members of the vampyre community who were awakened on their own.
Dhampire: Someone who is born by the union of a  vampire mortal and a human mortal, who can usually "sense" other real vampires.
Blood Fetishist: A human being who drinks blood for pleasure (does not feel a need to drink blood, other than to appease sexual/erotic desire).
Goth(ic): A human being who dresses mostly in black, follows a gothic lifestyle and whose interests lay in many things relating to the occult, whether it be witchcraft, vampirism, satanism, fetishism,etc.
To awaken: (also to become concious or intentional) The point in life where an individual realizes their attraction/position in the vampyre or vampire community. The reference "awakening" is used more for vampyres; the other terms are used more for vampires.
Calmae: An experienced member of the vampyre community.
Elder: An influential/long time member of the vampyre community who has done something significant for it.
Coven: (also "clutch" or "cricle") A group of vampyres come together for friendship,protection and mutual understanding.
Bloodline: (also "clan"...though not to be confused with the clans used in roleplay!) A family-like group of vampyres.
Father/Mother: The leaders of vampyre clans.
Mundane: A non-vampyre person, or one with little understanding of the vampyre community.
Swan: A non-vampyre lover who knows about the community. If they are a white swan, they are acceptant of vampyric lifestyle. If they are black,they are acceptant of the lifestyle as well, though do not feel a pull to join.
Fledgling: A person who is new to the vampyre scene.
Porphyria: A disease that usually results in symptoms of real vampirism.

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